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Predicted Log

How does your boat handle and perform? Nobody knows better than you do, if you know how fast it travels at various engine/propeller speeds under different conditions. Predicted log contests pit your knowledge and skippering skills against the clock. How closely can you pre-determine the time it will take to travel each leg of a course? Competing against yourself and comparing your skills to those of other boaters, this fun competition hones your boat-handling skills.

For serious boaters, predicted logging offers a fine way to practice navigation skills while satisfying one’s competitive nature. The sport gives you a chance to join with other boaters on the water in developing good piloting habits along with enhancing enjoyment through social interaction. This edition of the guide is an update to the 1998 version, simplifying calculations and providing a practice contest on training chart TR1210 waters of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. To maintain its accuracy, there is an errata sheet (PDF, 11KB) that should be incorporated into the guide as well. .