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Basic Weather and Forecasting

All boaters have heard this mariners’ proverb or similar ones. They have a salty flavor that takes us back to the era of sailing ships. In this seminar students will learn the meteorological basis for them. The safety and comfort of those who venture out-on-the-water have always been weather dependent. This seminar is a must for boaters who have never taken a weather course. The complex subject of weather is presented in a way that is both understandable and useful. Topics include: Air Masses and Fronts; Winds; Storms; Clouds and Thunderstorms; Fog; and Forecasting. Basic Weather and Forecasting and Weather for Boaters cover the same subjects. The first is a squadron-run seminar given by an instructor in a classroom setting and the second is an online seminar that can be taken at home via the Internet. The Weather for Boaters seminar includes a downloadable Reference Guide. For the Basic Weather and Forecasting seminar squadrons can make arrangements for participants to receive a full color Student Guide with slide images and complete notes and/or a waterproof McGraw Hill Captain's QuickGuide—Onboard Weather Forecasting—designed for onboard and field use.