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Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio

VHF radio is the mainstay of coastal communication and essential for emergency communications. Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is rapidly becoming a reality as more Coast Guard Rescue 21 System operations go live. Currently, the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts are operational with DSC and all USCG vessels are DSC equipped. The Great Lakes and OCONUS islands (stations San Juan, Honolulu and Guam) will be complete by early 2012 and the western rivers will be active by 2014. Alaskan stations will come on line in 2017. DSC vastly simplifies and improves rescue and routine call signaling - making it easier to make a call while the system frees up Channel 16 for essential communications. However, you need to know how to use it. This seminar answers those needs and explains basic VHF operation. A CD is included with a DSC Simulator that allows you to practice on your computer at home. A handy waterproof McGraw-Hill Captain's Quick Guide Using VHF is included with essential information that you should have aboard, which will explain to anyone on your crew how to use the radio. .