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District 30 Cruise & Rendezvous - 2010

The Omaha Sail & Power Squadron hosted the District 30 Cruise & Rendezvous on July 16, 17 & 18.

On the 16th. Guest arrived and a hospitality room was available for them to socialize in. Many stayed a little while, went to dinner and then came back.

Saturday was time to rise and shine for the 8:30 AM Council Meeting. Reports were given and information disseminated to the members. Plans were shared for the D30 Fall Conference in Des Moines in October and the upcoming National Meeting in Bellevue, WA. Of special interest was the cruise from Seattle after the meeting to Alaska.

The meeting was adjourned and we gathered in the hotel lobby for the shuttle to take us to the River City Star excursion boat which took us on a nice cruise up and down the river. A sandwich buffet was served on board. The cruise was just the right length as the afternoon heat was kicking in just as the boat was finishing up its route. The shuttle got us back to the hotel for some quiet time before the evening activities.

At 6:00 PM we caravanned to the home of Debbie & Mike Bahr. First there were drinks and then Brats, Italian sausage and burgers were cooked up and lots of salads to go with it. There was so much to eat. And then when you thought you were stuffed out came the Boston Cream Pie and Gina’s world famous carrot cake. Many of the ladies watched Debbie’s Stamp Up demonstration.

Debbie and Mike were terrific hosts and a great time was had by all. Off and on about 25 people attended the various activities of the weekend. Sunday morning members started heading home or to other places.

Terry and I headed to Storm Lake, Iowa for a couple of days. This town located by the lake is in the north west corner of Iowa. We went out on a pontoon boat with some friends and had a great time. The same storms that went through Omaha also ravaged Storm Lake and Lake Okoboji on the northern end of Iowa along the Minnesota border. News clips the next day showed boats stacked up on top of each other from the extremely high winds. We then headed to Des Moines, IA were we spent a day with the Danleys. We got the grand tour of Des Moines and later took a cruise on their boat on Saylorville Lake. We did the 8.5 mile cruise up the northern end of the Lake to the Iowa 17 Road Bridge over the Des Moines River. This trip would normally be impossible for a boat like the Danleys have but the extremely high waters made it possible. The Danley Bed and Breakfast served up an amazing dinner and even a better breakfast in the morning. We headed back to Troy driving through some storm battered countryside to make it back to 95 degree Troy. All in all a great trip, great time with friends and a little bit of boating…..Now if we can only get the river back down below flood stage here and get some cooler temperatures, then everything would be fine. For more pictures of the C&R check out
http://slsps.org and go to the photogallery.

P/D/C Gus Elia, JN

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