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The 2016 District 30 Spring Conference was held at the Inn at Grand Glaize located in Osage Beach, Missouri on the weekend of April 15th. What an awesome time it was. The weather was perfect with daytime temperatures in the low 70s and a bright sunny sky with a light breeze. This was delightful weather for just about anything. Folks started showing up about noon. Many of us got early room assignments and were able to move in, get settled and start enjoying the weekend. Doug and Marlene Warden set up the registration table in the hallway outside of our meeting rooms. As folks came in they stopped by and got their registration out of the way and received nifty “goody bags” put together by Doug and Marlene. The arrangement of our rooms was ideally setup. We had the hospitality room, the meeting room and the room for Saturday lunch adjacent to each other. After registration everyone migrated to the hospitality room were we all mingled, chatted about old times and new things. St. Louis, the hosting Squadron provided various types of beverages to quench our thirst. Lots of munchies were put out by the host squadron’s members. Dinner time rolled around.

Some went out to eat but many stayed and ate at Waddells, the restaurant inside the hotel. After dinner many returned to the hospitality room for more socializing. Slowly things started breaking up as most had to get to bed to get a good night’s sleep for the conference the following morning. District Commander Bettie Danley opened the conference meeting at 8:30 in the morning. Thirty-six members attended the conference meeting on Saturday morning. This included the CCs rep R/C Bill Johnson and his wife Connie. Bettie quickly got to business and made it through a good part of her agenda when she moved the meeting to the hospitality room. The meeting room was a bit crowned and the hospitality room lent itself to an award ceremony. After the award ceremony everyone returned to the meeting room. We heard from S/C Bill Johnson giving his message from the Chief. Bettie turned the meeting over to Bill to conduct the District Change of Watch. Cdr. Terry Elia was sworn in by Bill as the new District Commander. Bill also gave the oath to Terry’s new bridge. Terry took over as District Commander and completed the meeting. All this done before noon!

We all moved into the adjoining room where lunch was served to us by the hotel staff. We had a great lunch and didn’t have to travel. Some went back to their rooms for a nap, some went back to the hospitality room for some libations, some went to the “in-water” boat show that was just across the highway. At 6:00 PM everyone trekked over to JB Hook’s for dinner. This is an awesome place with a really super view of the lake. This fantastic location, attended by 43 members, was also the setting for the St. Louis Sail and Power Squadron’s Change of Watch. Cdr. Terry Elia conducted a brief business meeting and then dismissed herself as St. Louis Commander and as District Commander called Charlie Jones to the front and gave him the oath of office. She swore in the new St. Louis Bridge and Cdr. Charlie Jones closed the meeting. After a great meal and good time we returned to the hotel. A really neat cake provided by the hosting squadron commemorated the St. Louis Change of Watch. This was a great time with good friends. We had a larger than normal crowd thanks to our new friends from Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great success.

P/D/C Gus Elia, JN-IN